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Down to Earth - Straight Forward: Still Soaring High...

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Meet Sanaa Murab Saini, Curator Exclusive & Extraordinary - I Am The World - Beauty & Personality Pageant in India, The women behind the revolution of bringing the women age 40 and above to her platform, helping them evoke their lives in a very different style.

Sanaa a multitalented personality has a several feathers in her cap, professionally from a fashion background; Sanaa completed her masters in International Fashion Marketing from the mecca of Fashion Paris. Having explored different fields and honed the multi-dimensional facets of her personality as a Designer, actress, & Author of the book “21 flavors of Confidence with Curves” & a Social worker.


Sana is today adjudged as Marketing Honcho-Leader in the Beauty & Wellness Space with her beauty Pageant Platform “Ms. & Mrs. Exclusive & Extraordinary – I AM THE WORLD” with the motto of “Human Connections & One World” believing that beauty will change the world & bring peace. The only stand alone Pageant Platform in India working at International Level for the women Age 40 & above “Ms. & Mrs. Classic Beauty Exclusively with other Pageants for Plus size women, Men Teens & Kids etc.

Recently she proudly crowned a 67 year's Nagamani TR from Karnataka as Mrs. Exclusive & Extraordinary Classic Beauty Grand 2021 in November 2021.


The Platform gives enough opportunities to upcoming talent at national & International level that also helps & believes in restoring our rich Indian Heritage & Culture.


I AM THE WORLD works beneath the surface of the distance between “where you are” and “where you want to be” in your life and profession for all the participants of the platform. With the passion of living an authentic, integrated and fulfilled life, and assisting and guiding others to do the same with a sense of gratitude.


Sanaa’s list of accomplishments are many, a very few know she has been an award winning Lead actress for 3 short film & Experimental Cinema “Wittness” directed by Shankar Addi Mehra "DIGITAL LOVE " By Jaun Rizvi & "FASAD" By Shankar Addi Mehra

Sanaa is also:

  • Author of the book “21 flavors of Confidence with Curves” 

  • Jury to International Film & Entertainment Festival Australia, IFEFA

  • International Partner - Ms. Diamond Beauty Pageant – United Kingdom

  • International Partner – Body Positive - Ukraine

  • International Partner - Curls & Curves - Australia

The glamour side of Sanaa is Slightly invisible due to a vary social side of hers, Volunteered at old age home & community Animals & birds, She now has her own NGO called "EKOHAM" all set to be Nationally functioning in diversified field.


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