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Exclusive! Sumit Ajmera Mr. Universe Exclusive & Extraordinary 2022 on Possibilities, opening up...

Men are getting more substantial in Pageant...

Exclusive! Sumit Ajmera Mr. Universe Exclusive & Extraordinary 2022 on Possibilities, opening up & newer opportunities for him and more…

  • To a woman/Man inside you who has been asleep for so many years, what would you say she has missed?

He or she has missed everything that was in his mind for a long,his or her dreams, that he has been capable enough to make and that dream could be his beautiful reality. If something is in your mind for a long, go for it and try your best but don’t live your life with regret.

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am marketing manager by profession, I would like to work at global level. Personally I will be more fitter, younger and better . Overall my life should grow drastically and would be the more better version, would own by favorite car and Bike , would be a very fit and handsome version of myself and may be a model too .I would also like to learn dance further, may like to take Part time Lecturer, publish my stories and Poems and would like to start healthy food business too .

  • What do you think is the biggest problem facing young people today?

Sometime it’s a barrier of family, sometime barrier you create for yourself that is the problem. If you find it difficult and believe it’s not possible, at least make a fair try for your dreams.

  • What is your biggest fear?

Earlier my fear was” what if it will not work”, now I believe that I would like to try my best and put my best efforts for anything I want in this life.

  • Do you think men and women have/are given the same opportunities in life?

Not everywhere, at many places across Globe girls were not even allowed to pursue her dreams, still marriage is a goal, still they don’t have freedom to pursue their dreams like boys have. Everyone is talented and should be given equal opportunity to grow in your respective and desired field.

  • Should the government be responsible for providing citizens with access to healthcare?

First it’s about individual , one should follow healthy lifestyle, eat foods having protein and Vitamins our body require, eat lot of fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, with this 90% of time you will never require doctor. Go for Gym/ yoga/ Zumba/ dance/run whatever you can but workout at least for half an hour every day. When you feel hungry in afternoon, eat fruits or dry fruits. Consume lentil, Protein based food, vegetables and avoid outside food

Government has already opened , hospitals, laboratories for testing, ambulance services, blood bank and so on for all people, end of day it’s about indivual.

Put 25 % of your earning on Fitness and Buying healthy food, else one day the same or even more would go to doctors and costly treatment.

  • What problems do you see in your current city or state? How would you solve them?

I am from chittorgarh, rajasthan, People are quite conservative in Rajasthan and are not open minded like in Metros. In Rural areas women work is still limited to managing household. Well if I get opportunity I would like to conduct educational seminars at various regions, I would like to communicate and motivate youth and women across Rajasthan, motivate the elders to focus more on Education, make your child capable (“ Kabil”).

  • Where do you see areas of improvement in our country as a whole?

Lack of Education, women safety, pollution, orthodox behavior, freedom to women and young generation are some areas of improvement. Even today Women are often told not to step out alone after dark. Even today parents educate their girl child just to get marry. Parents should not put their ambition on their child , let the child decide what he or she want to became in his or her life, when is the right them for them to get marry.

Do you think the government should do more to help slow down climate change?

Plant more trees, reduce plastic uses, support small Agriculture Producers are good ways, We must give absolute priority to the protection of nature. Further Reducing car use, switching to electric vehicles is a good option. Forests are

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