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Program Details
Exclusive & Extraordinary International 2024
New Delhi - India

Miss Universe international beauty pageant women age 40 and above international plus size model

Dresses & Wardrobe: YOU HAVE TO CARRY

1)  Blue Jeans

2) Swim Wear Or  Sports Wear Or Resort Wear ( Please note if your Traditions do not allow swim wear you can bring any Fitness wear that you may wear for your sports or fitness

3) National Dress

4) Dress For the Talent Round As per the talent to be performed

5) Cocktail Wear

6) Evening Gown

7) Make up & Skin Care that you generally use daily.

Finale Make up Will be from Our Side

Other Rounds Make up can be arranged on Request.

Prepare yourself with the Below:

1)  Personal Introduction of 3 Minutes.

2) Any Talent that you have - Dance, Singing, Poetry, Painting, Dry Cooking, Any Sport Any thing that you have as a Talent.

3) You may also get a chance to work for Model Ad Shoot


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