Plus Size Dressing

3 Golden Rules of Plus Size Dressing

In the previous blog, we have enlightened you with some excellent Proven Ways to Boost your Plus Size Body Confidence. These ways will help you to gain an amazing level of self-confidence and help you to find a new individual in yourself.


When it comes to choosing stylish outfits or accessories, size has always being a major concern for a plus size women. They have to ultimately select few selective piece and bound themselves with the certain styling options. But fashion industry has improved a lot in terms of styling vision.


Let’s have looked at the new & fresh rules of styling for a plus size woman. These guidelines can not only provide you with the limitless wearing options but also help you to flaunt your curves body posture in an appropriate way.


Don’t Avoid White


Plus-size women usually avoid white color outfit because they believe that white makes them look heavier. This is completely a misconception, in fact, renowned fashionistas across the world suggest that whether you are slim or plus size, don’t ponder color while purchasing the outfit. Be it black or white, the color never effects your look. Always think about the fitting and fabrics because variations in these two things can make you look amazing or awkward. You can easily wear any color outfit that complements your size.


Embrace Button Down Shirts


Girls having curvaceous body usually think button-down shirt as their biggest enemy and avoid wearing it because they think it will enhance their tier. The fact is that button-down shirts can easily flaunt your curves in an appropriate manner. Wearing beautifully designed the button-down shirt on occasions like weekend outing, office lunch can make you look gorgeous. The fabric and texture of outfit will exude your curve in a beautiful way and not allow you to look thick. So, if you look amazingly gorgeous with plus size, then think to wear something like button-down shirts.


Avoid Wearing Stripes


When you are in doubt what to wear, you usually wear stripe outfit to present yourself, but this is the biggest mistake you usually do. The line of a thin strip can make you look quite heavy in size. You can also consider to wear Fit and Flare dresses, it will go perfectly on your body type. If you love to wear stripes, then try stripes that are asymmetrical and will flaunt your curves in a decent way and will make you look nice and sober.


These were the 3 golden guidelines can help you to choose the perfect outfit for your plus-size body. These rules will not only ensure you with the best dressing etiquette but it leaves you with the amazing level of plus size body confidence. After all real beauty lies in the size.

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