Nang Supinni Namchoom (Namsai)

I am a believer ,a strong woman,a mother to four beautiful children's,a wife to a government civil serviceman,and I run a small tea garden.Apart from that i am passionate about Gardening,Singing,Dancing,and Meditation.

The thing that motivated me the most to take part in this pageant is because I believe in what it stands for.As a woman hailing from a small town and a community where many youths and adults are affected health wise due to active opium consumption and addiction,I want to use this platform to become a voice to spread awareness on the issue and Also I want to motivate woman like me who are over 40 to stand their ground and fly towards their Dreams regardless of the so called age norms.

I want to inspire all the strong woman's,mothers,and housewives like me who's over 40 in my community especially to follow their calling and fly towards their biggest dreams regardless of where they come from and what age they maybe.Also as an active meditation practitioner and health enthusiast I want to spread awareness on the same nor only to woman but to anyone that crosses my path.Being in pageant such as "Ms Exclusive 40 Plus" and winning it enables me to do so.