Ananya Vats (New delhi)

I am a freelance make up artist. I love listening to music, and cook in my free time. I can also sing well however not professionally trained. I love to travel,go on adventures.

My father's unacceptance towards me for who I am and how I look has impacted my life in many bad ways, I am almost 27 now and still abandoned by him. I just want to prove my worth and probably have him accept, (at least )the fact "that I matter too".

To be honest , I could really use some brain and write a clichéd , regular, overused answer as to WHY I think I would like to win a beauty title, and how after winning I would do my bit to promote "body positivity"?!...... well for now I just wanna win because I want to feel beautiful. And am just looking for acceptance from people for who I am. Specifically my father. That's just about it.